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         Library Rules : Conduct of Members

  • Students without student I.D cards and students not properly attired (students with slippers, sleeveless shirts, short pants/bermudas) are not allowed into the Library.

  • Students should not leave their personal possessions unattended within the Library.

  • The Library is not responsible for loss of any item left behind in the Library.

  • Silence is to be observed in the library at all times. All hand phones must be switched off. Library staffs have the right to ask any library user who is causing disturbance to leave the library.

  • Serious misbehavior cases may result in disciplinary action.

  • Smoking and the consumption of food is not permitted in the Library.

  • Reservation of seats is not permitted. Books and other articles left on the tables or chairs will be removed by the Library staff.

  • Students are not allowed to remove or to change the arrangement of chairs or tables in the Library.

  • Students are requested to place the books on the trolley once they have finished reading them in the Library.

  • Members found breaking library rules will have their library privileges suspended.

  • The Librarian may amend the Library Rules and Regulations as and when necessary. Students are advised to refer to the Library Guide Book which can be obtained from the Library.

    Borrowing Rules

  • Members are responsible for all loans issued out in their names. They must report any damage/mutilation found in the Library materials before borrowing, otherwise they are liable to pay any damage when the items are returned.

  • All books must be returned on or before the date due. Books must be returned when recalled.

  • At the end of the semester all library books must be returned.

  • Student I.D/staff cards are not transferable and may not be used by another person.

  • Students must report loss of library materials to staff at the circulation counter immediately.

  • It is a  serious offence of stealing Library properties which may result in disciplinary action.