frequently asked questions

list of FAQs

Q: When is the library open for 24/7?

A: At this moment, library is NOT planning to open 24/7.

Q: How do I become a library member?

A: Student/Staff may register at the library counter or register online by clicking here . An INTI ID card is required for membership registration at the counter..

Q: Where is the red spot book, I seem cannot find it in the library?

A: The red spot book is located inside the library office. Student may request at the library counter for borrowing purpose.

Q: Are there any fees that I need to pay before register as library member?

A: Library member registration is free of charge.

Q: Can I bring my friend from different college to the library?

A: Only students with valid INTI student ID are allowed to enter the library.

Q: How can I use the locker service?

A: The locker service is free of charge. Locker key can be obtained from the library counter.

Q: Can I borrow the library items during semester break?

A: You are adviseable to return the entire library item(s) before going for semester to avoid missing/misplace/torn of the book.

Q: Is there any reminder for overdue items?

A: Yes. The library sends out courtesy reminder e-mails to INTI e-mail 3 days before the book is overdue, and day 1, day 7 and day 100 after the book is overdue. date for return or renewal process.

Please remember that this reminder e-mail is a courtesy service only and must be in addition
to you keeping your own records of the dates your library items are due for return or renewal.

Q: Would it possible for me to renew the book from home?

A: Yes, you can renew the book from home through our library portal at and click at "Book Renewal" option.

Q: How can I renew my book through online?

A: You can renew through library portal or simply click here

Q: I have failed to login the library portal. The message shown below:


A: It means your INTI ID has expired. Kindly bring along your INTI ID to the library counter for updating purpose.

Q: What makes book renewal process is failed?



A: When your INTI ID is about to expire. You are advisable to return all the books before left for semester break as you will unable to renew the book until you have enrolled for the new semester.



A: When somebody has reserved your book. You are advisable to return the book before the due date.



A: When your entire book or one of them is overdue. Kindly return the book at the library counter before your wish to re-borrow it again.

Q: How many times I can renew the book?

A: You are allowed to renew for 2 times as long as NO ONE RESERVE the book.

Q: One of my books is overdue, is it possible for me to renew the other books?

A: Yes, you may renew the rest. However, you are advisable to return the overdue book as soon as possible to avoid the fine being increase.

Q: How do I reserve book online?

A: Reservation can be made through our library portal ( Search the particular book title and click on the "Place Reservation" button

Q: When I was trying to reserve book online, this message was appeared? What should I do?


A: Reservation will take place when all Open Shelf items is On-Loan EXCEPT for Red Spot item. In this case, may be one or more Open Shelf item is available for borrowing.

Q: How do I know when my reservation book is ready for collection?

A: An E-mail will be sent through INTI Student E-mail once the book is ready for collection. Reservation status also can be check through the library portal or simply click here.

Q: How do I cancel a reservation?

A: You can cancel your request via library portal. Select "Reservation Status" and login to your library account. Tick on the item to be cancelled and select "Cancel Reservation".

Q: How to access to Library E-Resources?

A: E-Resources can be access through our library portal at and click at "E-Resources" option or simply click here.

Q: How to login to E-Resources?

A: Student needs to login by using the INTI WiFi account. Click here for the login guide.

Q: Is it possible to access the e-resources from the off-campus/home?

A: Yes, E-Resources can be access from anywhere at any time.

Q: How do I access past year examinations paper?

A: Past year examinations paper can be access through our library portal at and click at the "PAST YEAR EXAM PAPERS" option.

Q: How to login to the past year examinations paper?

A: For the first time you need to request access by using your INTI email account here and wait for the approval.

Q: Can I get the exam papers from other campus here?

A: No. The exam papers available in our storage is only the papers of INTI Subang courses.

Q: Why I cannot find my paper?

A: Not all papers can be found here because certain papers are Multiple Choice Question(MCQ) and some of the papers are highly confidential.

Q: If I did not bring my INTI ID, can I still borrow book from the library?

A: INTI ID card is a compulsory for borrowing process.

Q: Can I use my friend INTI ID to borrow library book?

A: Student must use their own student ID card for any borrowing process.

Q: Are printing and photocopy is under the same account?

A: Yes

Q: How much the cost for printing and photocopy services?

A: The cost for both services is RM 0.055 per page for black and white (A4), while RM 0.11 for A3 paper.
The cost will be RM 0.55 per page for color (A4) and RM 1.10 for A3 paper.

Q: What is the minimum amount for reloading printing and photocopy account?

A: The minimum amount for reloading printing account is RM 10.00.

Q: How to reload for printing and photocopy account?

A: You may refer to the Konica Minolta staff that is station in the library from 9am to 5pm or you may also reload via online at here.

Q: Am I able to print via my own laptop?

A: Yes. You may also print your document via your mobile phone and tablets by using in campus Wi-Fi.

Q: How can I collect my printed document?

A: You may send and release your document at any designated areas with your INTI ID card.

Q: Where is the location of the printer?

A: The designated areas are in the library at Block A, Mezzanine at level 2 Block B, refresh area at level 1, Block 3R and ground floor at Block Y.

Q: How do I request for an ILL?

A: You can submit an e-Forms found at our library portal or simply click here

Q: Can I request to borrow from other university?

A: For now we only applied the ILL between INTI University and Colleges libraries.

Q: How long does it take to get the items requested?

A: It depends upon the location of the lending library, and how fast the lending library responds to the request.

Q: How do I know when the book can be collected?

A: We will send a notification email at your INTI email.

Q: Can I renew the borrowing item?

A: It can be renewed, however it is also depends on the availability of the book at the appropriate campus.

Q: Do I have to pay for this service?

A: These service is free of charge.

Last reviewed: 07 September, 2020