Established in 1986, the Lee Fah Onn Library (LFO Library) serves an academic community of some 6,000 members, who are mainly staff and students of INTI International College Subang (IICS). The library collection currently holds over 45,000 items (and is continuously accumulating) comprising of materials in various format such as books, serials, audio visuals and electronic materials. The collection is centered on areas relevant to the courses offered at INTI International College Subang. The courses include American University Program, Art & Design, Computer & IT, Hospitality, Engineering, Business, Postgraduate Studies, Pre-University Programs, Laureate English Programs, Mass Communication, INTI Programs for Working Professionals and Social Science. The LFO Library, which functions as the heart of the campus academic need, will continue to develop into a dynamic resource center for its academic.

Newly Refurbished Library

The space planning and overall concept for this library was driven by organic learning, hence the flow and organic layout plan. The main idea behind the library design is to create more conducive and agile space for learning and study. With different learning spaces made available, students can choose their preferred and natural ways of reading and studying.

We’ve got dedicated zones across our buildings for those who wish to study silently, quietly or in a group.These zones enable everyone to choose a space to work which suits them.Please respect your fellow users by taking a look at what behaviour is appropriate and where in the Library. Whether you need to concentrate in silence, work quietly with a friend, or study in a group, there is a place for you in the library.

The Left Wing (Quiet Zone)

Caters for more active environment where students can engage in group discussions, communal studying or casual reading by the café kiosk. The area allows for an acceptable noise level considering the engagements that will take place.

The Right Wing (Silent Zone)

Caters for more passive, focused and individual reading and/or study. The combination of study desks and carrel desks provides students options for their preferred space for studying. With book browsing PC stations made available, students can search for books online before heading to the racks to source their study materials.

Last reviewed: 29 July, 2020