Library Classification System

Library collections are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification and "Library of Congress" for the subject heading. The collections has been categorized into variety subdivision such as:

Open Shelf

The collection of text and reference books that are available for circulation to all student. The collection consists of books with "A", "H" ,"ICAD", "Post Grad" and "M'sian Studies" stickers in their spine label.

Red Spot Collection (with Red Dot sticker)

The collection of textbooks and reference books that are highly in demand and expensive. Red spot collection are shelved at Circulation Counter. Please request from the librarian for reference and overnight purpose.

Reference Collection (with "R" sticker)

This collection contains a wide variety of materials including dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, atlases, bound magazine/journals, and annual reports. No loan is permitted for this material.

Learning and Teaching Resources (with "LTR" sticker)

This collection contains educational and motivational materials for lecturers usage only. It includes subjects such as how to enhance learning and teaching skills, how to calculate GPA, and the likes.

Audio Visual Materials

The collection consists of CD, DVD and DVD movies.(Kindly request from Circulation counter).

Online Resources (via Remotexs)

The collection of ebooks and ejournals subscribed by INTI University and Colleges. Students may access the resources by click here anywhere at anytime.

Last reviewed: 04 July, 2022