Computer Room



There are 40 desktop computers are available for use on first come, first serve basis in the Library Computer Room.The computer are equipped with basic application software such as Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office 2010 and so forth. The room is surveillance with modern CCTV system

1. The facility is open to all INTI International College Subang students.
2. Computer access within the Computer Room will be shut down 15 minutes before the library closes.
3. No booking is required to use this facility.
4. No foods or drinks are allowed in this rooms EXCEPT plain water.
5. Computers are intended to be used in pursuit of academic objectives.
6. Installing software/applications/programs is prohibited. If there is software required for a specific course, please notify the librarian.
7. Don't view web pages which may appear offensive to someone else.
8. The privilege of using this facility will be withdrawn if a user is found to be violating any of the Library rules such as noisy, sleeping, eating, smoking and etc.
9. The library staff are not responsible for any loss of items in the Computer Room.

Last reviewed: 30 April, 2020