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These services enables the online entry and collection of raw data in electronic forms that are accessible via web based and cross platform. The e-Forms are facilitating the following services:


Self-membership registration (This service is limited to IICS student & staff)

  • This service will allow you to self registration of library membership.


    Library Password (This service is limited to IICS student & staff)

  • This service will assist you in obtaining new password of the library account.

    Article Request (online articles request)

  • This service allows you to request the articles that are not subscribed by INTI. Please make sure you have searched the article from the E-Resources portal , One Search or Google before requesting this service.The service is limited to journal articles only and for INTI programs (not applicable for UH, UOW, SNHU, SHU, NU,CU and Swinburne University).
  • Inter-Library Loan (request book from other INTI campuses)

  • This service enables you to borrow books that are owned by other INTI libraries
  • Library Literacy Program (LLP)

  • The service that allows you to request for an introduction to the library's resources and services, study skills and academic integrity to assist students in their learning process.
  • Grab & Go service

  • This service provide a service for users (online learning mode) who wish to borrow and return the books during the pandemic, but are unable to enter the INTI premises.
  • Last reviewed: 04 March, 2021