Library Literacy Program


The Library Literacy Program offers all students an introduction to the library's resources and services, as well as information on study skills and academic integrity to assist students in their learning process.


1. To expose students with the library rules & regulations
2. To familiarize students with the library facilities and services
3. To introduce students to the library search system
4. To guide students with basic database search techniques
5. To introduce students to issues related to academic integrity


Once students complete the Library Literacy Program they should be able to:
1. Understand the library rules and regulations.
2. Discover the facilities and services available within the library.
3. Locate the various library resources available through the online library catalog.
4. Understand how to navigate the basics of the online database.
5. Recognize issues related to academic integrity


Compulsory module

Using the Library!

Part 1
: Library Rules & Regulations
Part 2 : Library Facilities & Services
Library Literacy Quiz: Compulsary Module

10 mins.
Module 1

Route to Library’s Collection!

Part 1 : Guide to Online Library Catalogs (Books and Journals)
Part 2 : Online Book Renewal and Reservation
Library Literacy Quiz: Module 1

30 mins.
Module 2

Exploring E-Resources!

Part 1 : Search skills (Boolean Operators)
Part 2 : E-journals and E-books searching.
Part 3 : Online Questions Bank (EXAMODAS)
Library Literacy Quiz: Module 2

30 mins
Module 3

Citing & Referencing in APA or Harvard Style

Part 1 : In-text citation Guide
Part 2 : Referencing Guide
Library Literacy Quiz: Module 3

1 hour
Module 4

Access to Partner Universities' Resource Sharing

Part 1: E-Resources

30 mins

* The quiz will be provided at the end of session to test students' understanding

*Please make your reservation at least 2 days earlier before the session


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Last reviewed: 14 October, 2016