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This services provide a flexible, scalable, extensible cornerstone for the dissemination of knowledge and information to the knowledge seeker. The eQUIP services consist of following items:

WebOPAC (Books searching tool)

Enable patrons to retrieve library books and audio visual collection via web browser from anywhere at any time.

WebInfoline (Journals and magazines searching tool)

Enable patrons to retrieve library serial collections such as bound journals and articles via web browser from anywhere at anytime.

Books Renewal

This service allows patrons to renew books without come to the library. Patrons are entitled to renew their books unlimited time as long as nobody reserved.

Book Reservation and Reservation Enquiry

With this services, patrons are able to reserve books and check the reservation status online.

Patrons Details Enquiry

Enables patrons to change their library password and check their membership expiry date.

Lending History

Patrons will be able to identify their past borrowing records and their reference purposes.

Fine History and Receipting

In order to provide transparent transactions,patrons are able to check their paid late fine records and receipts online.

09 September, 2020